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Eddy Han-Burgess, MS, MBA, MSc, CFA

Head of Portfolio Management | Digital Healthcare
Eddy is an industry-leading lifesciences innovator and a PhRMA’s Spotlight Scholar, who leverages 20 years of pharma strategy and life sciences investments experience to build and operate a portfolio of personalized and evidence-based digital healthcare solutions that span beyond points of care for people living with chronic cardiometabolic disorders. As a self-professed data nerd, Eddy believes that democratized health data is critical in solving for social inequities and socioeconomic determinants of health. He speaks consultant English (with abundance of MBA buzzwords), plain English, 3rd-grader Korean, ok Spanish, and tolerable tourist French and Italian. He is a nonlinear thinker, linear speaker, ENTJ/INTJ, ceramic artist, and mediocre cook.