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Shola Oyewole

United Therapeutics Corporation
VP, Digital Innovation
As a member of the Senior Executive Leadership of United Therapeutics Corporation, my job requires an eye that looks at what others look at but can see industry trends and technology shifts that protects UT from disruptions.

And as well an ear that listens to what others are listening to but can hear about those technology shifts that help the Board make decisions on potential moves to pursue.

I support the Finance, HR, R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and various business units in ideation of solutions to support both distributed and centralized business operations and achieve more effective and cost beneficial enterprise-wide business operations.

I facilitate communication between the Board, senior management, UT staff, business partners & vendors, and other resources within (and outside) the organization.
My core responsibilities include:
  • Be a subject matter expert on emerging technologies,
  • Create the process for the intersection of emerging tech and innovative projects,
  • Offer solutions that give everyone better experiences,
  • Network with all those involved including universities, research organizations, start-ups and Silicon Valley companies,
  • Facilitate ongoing education for employees on topics involving industry as well as world innovation.,
  • Stay in constant contact with stakeholders throughout the Company,
  • Provide “grants” for innovative ideas (to foster a culture of innovation).