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William Veltre

Bristol Myers Squibb
Director, Onmi-Channel Experience, Strategy & Planning
Bill Veltre is the Director of Omnichannel Experience, Strategy, & Planning at BMS. Throughout Bill’s career he has been inspired by helping and supporting patients regardless of the category. He is driven by health and wellness because it is at the core of our lives. He is a passionate and dedicated healthcare marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in health and wellness marketing and media. His passion for health started when he watched both of his parents lose their battle with cancer. His father in 2014 to breast cancer, and his mom to lung cancer in 2003. He has since ingrained himself in the industry, creating unbreakable partnerships with the leading providers in the media, creative and measurement ecosystem. Bill has held key roles at Elsevier, WPP (CMI), Publicis (PHM), AbbVie (formerly Allergan), and now at BMS. Bill was the Director of Patient Marketing for the recent launch of QULIPTA, as well as a core member of the launch brand team for UBRELVY, and a contributing brand team member for VRAYLAR. Prior to his client corporate experience, Bill was responsible for several large brands’ media strategy and planning for clients such as GSK, AZ, J&J, Incyte, and Sanofi. He currently is responsible for the strategic planning for the Oncology Franchise at BMS. It may come as no surprise, Bill is a powerhouse, but he began his professional career as a first-grade teacher for a classroom of 32 students, before venturing into sales and eventually marketing. When he is not crushing healthcare strategy and planning, he is at home near Doylestown, PA with his husband of 4 years, Matt, who is an ICU Nurse at Temple University Hospital. He enjoys spending time at the shore, hanging out with his extended family in Jersey, or traveling anywhere warm. Bill’s thoughts, comments and opinions are his own. They have not been approved or endorsed by his employer (or former employers) and do not necessarily represent his employer’s positions or opinions.